MAST to be called in short, is emphasizing into the state-of-art of marine environmental technology and related scientific and engineering products and services within the met-ocean and hydrographic components.

The Company

MAST always moving forward to upgrade and access to a powerful source of global information, and is world-renowned for its depth of experience and breadth of capability thru its project engagement with various private and government

Our major focus is on hydrographic, physical oceanography and meteorology was supplemented by a strong resources in marine and local land-based meteorology. We have more than 20 years Men-Hour Experience (Human Capital) in the hydrographic survey, collection, analysis, interpretation, modelling and application of metocean data in Malaysian waters and overseas.

The unique and strength of MAST lies in our outstanding expertise across all the above business activities. We pay particular attention in providing information and advice in a form which is easy to use, understand and comprehend, avoiding the problems associated with subsequent application or interpretation.


Our mission is to provide high quality products and services that meet or exceed our customers expectations for quality and value, in maximizing our shareholders' value while creating a healthy and happy working environment to our employees.


To be the supplier and partner of choice to our customers both in the domestic and foreign markets.

Commitment To Our Partners

MAST is pursuing a Quality Management System and ISO 9002 and an active Occupational Health and Safety Policy. Our commitment to industry has been demonstrated by our readiness to undertake substantial work programs prior to commitment from industry base on our below approaches.

Our Team

Our staffs comprised of mix-ages is of high calibre, with skills ranging across ocean and environmental engineering, electronics, computing and broadcasting, mathematics, numerical modelling, data analysis, technical reporting and project management. MAST continues developing very strong staffs’ skill and advancement programmes by establishing in-house training so do with on-the job training.

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